About me

Sound is my passion

Started playing piano at the age of 6, inspired by a tape from Deutsche Grammophon with Mozart Piano concertos. A gift from a family friend that changed my life 🙂

A strong interest in technics, math and physics, combined with the passion for music, was the base for my profession.

In 2005 passed the admission for the Elektrotechnik – Toningenieur studies in Graz joining classes at the technical university TU and also at the University of Music and performing Arts KUG.

Among other experiences as a sound engineer, in 2006 a dream came true when asked to work for a live stream production of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte under Franz Welser-Möst at the Opernhaus Zürich. Assisting a grand-mastermind like Michael Seberich an being part of the audio team in a broadcasting truck by Swiss TCP, was just unbelievable for me and one of the deppest experiences I had at the beginning of my career. I still remember the moment I was holding the keys, surprised and kind of shocked to hear the supervisor saying „do what you like in the truck“ . I couldn’t believe it to be real, having the opportunity to sitting alone in a 20Mio truck, full of audio gear and put my hands on all those machines. Litterally I didn’t leave the truck for the whole week, working all night long and making the first tries on mixing an orchestra and the beautiful soloist’s voices. I felt really ucky and blessed and from that moment I knew my way. IMG_3407

In 2013 I started working as a freelance sound engineer and music producer, working for labels like Outhere (Arcana / Ricercar) – SONY – DHM – Claves – Passacaille – Brilliant classics – Challenge records – Ondine – and others, taking over all processes from the recording to the mastering. Some of those productions have been awarded by Diapason d’or, Diapason 5, Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, just to name a few. The CD „Scarlatti Sonatas“ by Janne Rättyä on his accordion, has been voted as „Best CD of the year 2014“ in Finnland. https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/baroque_music_on_the_accordion_yles_record_of_the_year/7798923


After some years in the audio business, traveling around Europe from one recording to the other, I decided to build my own Ü-Wagen“ modifying  a Volkswagen Transporter to a mobile control room. This allowed me to produce high quality recordings almost everywhere and to deliver the recording very quickly and even to make the post production on site. 
An ideal workflow for live recordings needs to be delivered for broadcasting in a short time without compromise the sonical quality. This was very appreciated by many festivals I was working for. Not only at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival, where I worked from 2015 to 2020 recording the highlights of each season and having the opportunity to meet the most outstanding musicians in the world of classical music, but also in Italy at the Festival Musica sull’acqua near Como, or in Germany at the Fredener Musiktage to mention some of them.topelement

Since 2016 I’m Senior Lecturer for „Aufnahmepraxis FILMMUSIK“ at the KUG – University of music and performing arts Graz, giving young musicians insights into modern studio productions, recording soundtracks from documentaries to cartoons.